Monday, June 22, 2009

It Came From Kuchar

I love the brothers Kuchar. Mike and George, have been making weird, offbeat, underground films since the early 60s. In an era where most experimental filmmakers were dabbling in formal exercises, the Kuchars were pounding out bizarre melodramas, starring elderly women with insane eyebrow make up, putting turds in toilet bowls years before John Waters, and cornering the market on amazing film titles—The Devil’s Cleavage, Sins of The Fleshapoids, I Was A Teenage Rumpot, to name a few. They’ve continued putting out several films a year, embracing digital video after years of shooting on 8mm and 16mm. They are awesome. They are the real deal. They ooze the strangest energy. They are twins. They have strange speech patterns, and their Bronx accents are thick and delicious. It Came From Kuchar is an awesome doc that captures the beauty, the hilarity, the sadness and the energy of the world of the Kuchars. Kudos to director Jennifer Kroot for pulling this one off in great form. I love the Kuchars and was naturally apprehensive going in that the film wouldn’t do them justice. It does, and then some. It’s a great look at the NYC underground film world of the 60s, the SF underground film world of the 70s and does a great job focusing in on the creative process, how these guys work, how they are driven to work, and why making art is so damn important to them. The film mixes amazing clips of their films, lots of screen time for George and Mike, and lots of top notch interviews with the likes of John Waters, Buck Henry, Bill Griffith, Guy Maddin, Wayne Wang, Jack Stevenson and more. If it’s showing at a festival near you, go see it.

If you’re in SF this Tuesday, Curt McDowell’s Thundercrack, penned by George and starring George is playing at the Victoria. It’s the greatest underground film of all time. It’s a porn, it’s a comedy, there's a gorrilla involved, it’s one of a kind. It’s not available on video.

Here's a bit of Mike's The Craven Sluck


Jay H. said...

Danny, do you know if this is on DVD yet? Or playing in San Francisco anytime soon?? You've whetted my proverbial appetite.

Plotbox said...

Not on DVD yet and since it played at Frameline last night, I imagine it will be a couple months before it comes back around.


Plotbox said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NP said...

Thundercrack is out on DVD, at least here in Holland. There's some online shop here that sells it for 7 euros or something.

Plotbox said...

Niels, You Dutch are just too liberal for us Americans. Didn't realize it was available. I wonder if it's a bootleg.

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