Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Excelsior To You, Young Man (part 1)

The Dr's
4826 Mission St.
Nothing says I'm living in the city like eating breakfast in a neighborhood dive bar. To this end The Dr's delivers in a big way. According to the sign, perscriptions start getting filled at 6 a.m. I can't imagine they fire up the pancake griddle that early, but every weekend you can get heaps of pancakes, eggs and the like. As far as atmosphere, the place is bright and loud, and as a bonus you'll be eating on a government issue 6 foot long folding table. The jukebox is a nice mix of classic rock, country and 50's standards. I've even seen couples dancing to Motown hits during the brunching hour. The first time I drank here and the first time I ate here, I felt I was being received with barely concealed hostility from the bartending and wait staff. Maybe it's called paying your dues, because on subsequent visits the service has been downright welcoming in that "Hi, Honey, how are you doing?" kind of way. Plus if you bring a kid they try to load him up with candy. Apparently they serve dinner of the corned beef and cabbage variety on some evenings, but I'm just not that brave.

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